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Discover a REAL and Proven Method for Losing Weight with Hypnosis

Read On To Find Out How You Can Lose Weight without Dieting

Dear Concerned Eater,

If you are even remotely interested in losing weight or overcoming overeating, then this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here’s why:

The logical, ego part of your mind is very possessive about being in charge of you and MAKING sure you do what IT wants you to do, even though those are no longer always the best ways.

So why keep doing what doesn’t work or deprives you of your favorite foods? Do something better, like hypnosis! Have you ever driven home and then wondered how you got there? That was the smart subconscious part of your brain guiding you home, which is just like hypnosis. The subconscious brain has your best interests in mind. Hypnosis is not magic, nor will it override your own values or wishes. Hypnosis is really gentle and effective affirmations and positive imaging that connect with your SUBconscious mind to release your own inner resources and build new messages and wisdom so that you can achieve results without trying or even thinking about it. How easy is that?

Just imagine all the time, effort and money you will save from expensive diets and special foods, and all the money you can save on medical care when you are at your lower, healthier weight!

This hypnosis and guided imagery audio is specially designed by Alice Baland through years of experience with her own clients.

This highly acclaimed hypnosis audio will really help you relax and recharge your energy! Each time you listen you get to renew and refresh yourself in multiple ways! You will be enjoying better sleep, food choices, body image, healthier expression of feelings, a better relationship with food and eating, greater productivity at work, closer relationships and so much more! Just listen to this 52 minute hypnosis audio at bedtime or when waking up – or anytime you take a little nap (but NOT while driving).

The fabulous combination of amazing music (by the ultra-talented composer Dr. Jack Waldenmeier of and Alice’s soothing voice and very healing messages will LIFT your spirits and help you lose the weight you desire! You’ll enjoy a happier relationship with food and eating. This audio is a tool that will last you for ages. And the BEST part? You can have it NOW!

Alice Baland is a Certified Medical & Analytical Hypnotherapist and Past President of (American Psychological and Medical Hypnosis Association).

Here is a small sample of the things you will experience through the Lose Weight with Hypnosis Audio program:

•  A better relationship with food and eating

•  A healthier expression of feelings

•  Discover the #1 natural, easy way that you can use torelax and de-stress

•  Experience the single most effective way to make healthier food choices unconsciously

•  How to turn 52 minutes and an internet connection into a proven tactic for losing weight with hypnosis

•  Experience the 2 surest (and nearly fail-safe) ways to treat yourself to the best care you think reserved only for others

•  2 simple tools that the pros use to develop positive self-talk and body image. All without trying, just listening.

•  And much, much, more!

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FREE Bonus Video Food Demonstration to supplement your new mind messages and increase your energy:

Watch this short video of Alice preparing a quick and easy, nutritious, delicious non-cook breakfast to jumpstart your progress. It's one of your free gifts on the Home Page for simply signing up so Alice can stay in touch with you.

Want more proof?
Read the additional comments we've already received...

FREE Bonus Video Food Demonstration
"Alice, I lost 27 lbs with your hypnosis session and audio!"

“And I’ve kept it off! I’m sending you two of my friends who want to lose weight too!”

“After listening to your hypnosis audio I slept well for the first time in 20 years. Your voice is so reassuring, calm and positive that I felt safe.”

“My daughter and I couldn’t believe it! After listening to your hypnosis audio, we passed a health club, went in and joined and now work out with a personal trainer a few days a week. We didn’t even like exercise before! Now we feel stronger and healthier every day.”

Simply Listen and Enjoy Positive Changes

“After listening to your hypnosis audio my mood has improved! I feel better about myself and I’m choosing more fruits and vegetables. I didn’t even care much for them before.”

” As a psychiatrist and psychologist, this hypnosis audio is great! It’s very professionally produced with powerful suggestions that will have a positive impact on anyone wishing to reduce stress, relax, manage weight, eat healthier or improve body image.”

And you won’t pay $399 or even $299 for such a great and easy way to lose weight. By investing in yourself, you’re investing in your health and your future.

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