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Are you preoccupied with with weight & diet prescriptions? Eat Up The Good Life includes fresh, simple solutions for overcoming overeating & health-related stress & anxiety. Have a fun, energetic, healthier, and more balanced life!

Catch Your Dreams is the perfect playbook to inspire you to achieve your dreams, and find your potential. By outlining the 3 basic steps of joining your mind, body, and spirit, you will learn to balance your life & achieve your life goals!

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Lose weight and redefine your relationship to food & eating through hypnosis with Alice Baland & the music of Jack Waldenmaier. Feel peace, relaxation, and transformation in minutes.


“Enjoy each moment of your life! You never know when it might be your last.”

What’s really eating you? Find out how to make it all better. It takes new skills and a new perspective. Perhaps right under your nose. It’s all right inside of you. Let me show you.” – Alice

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“If I ever need someone to help me, I always think of her first, because I know that I’m going to receive the help that I need, and she is so good at listening and offering that to me.”

“Alice, I lost 27 lbs. with your hypnosis session and CD and have kept it off! I’m sending you two of my friends who want to lose weight too!”

After listening to your hypnosis CD I slept well for the first time in 20 years. Your voice is so reassuring, calm, and positive that I felt safe.”

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