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Alice’s mission in life is to guide others through tumultuous times, trauma, turmoil, and transitions, such as marriage, launching from home, overcoming overeating, improving weight, eating disorders, anxiety, job stress, and grief.

As an experienced, highly educated psychotherapist, dietitian, life coach and Best Selling Author, Alice’s purpose in life is to help you have more love, success, and happiness every day so that you can Eat Up The Good Life, which is the life of your dreams. Alice is a Victor over death and trauma so that she adds first-hand know how and empathy to give you hope that you, too, can overcome!

Ask Alice to help you personalize solutions to your problems, stuck places and life’s curve balls. We are often bound by the examples and training of our childhood caretakers, so it’s time to learn new skills and a new way of thinking, feeling and acting to progress in adulthood.

Challenges that hundreds of her clients and audiences have improved include: marriage, relationships, eating disorders, weight management, eating disorders, sexual trauma/abuse/harassment/ rape; anxiety; depression; career; exercise restriction/exercise addiction; weight loss surgery psych-evals, and nutrition assessments; making new friends; stress and sleep management; creating a successful life, and more.

What do you want to change today? Ask Alice! Call 214-509-8137 or go to for 3 Free Gifts and resources at The Store.

There are many ways you can benefit: 1.) Counseling/Therapy; 2.) Nutrition; 3.) Books & Home Study Programs; 4.) Speaking to your Organization; 5.) Life Coaching by Phone Nationwide and Locally; 6.) Facebook posts. Perhaps you’d like some of each.

You deserve to be the best you can be! Love your life! via Alice Baland’s Life Solutions Center, LLC.

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