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Weight Management

Alice has a huge array of cutting edge nutrition, non-diet, energy psychology, hypnotherapy, coaching and solution-focused tools so you can manage your weight goals in a healthy and timely way. She has a system she’s developed since 1981 that can be personalized for your life situation and needs. Choose her as your mentor-coach and get there faster and happier!

Since before 1981 Alice has helped individual clients and group members, plus corporations like Texas Instruments lose thousands of pounds healthfully. As a Founding Member of the Weight Management practice group of the American Dietetic Association, she keeps up with the latest research and most effective methods for successful weight loss and maintenance. Your plan could be structured or more independent, yet include real foods for both pleasure AND health.

Benefits of Alice’s EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE System:

  • Apply over 65 Savvy Skills of Pleasurable, Guilt-Free Eating & Living
  • No deprivation or giving up your favorite foods
  • Include a wide variety of whole fresh foods and dining out foods
  • Learn not only what to eat, but HOW to eat
  • Have pleasurable portions and proper pacing
  • Know how to eat out with confidence
  • Prepare easy meals for home and work
  • Implement quick recipes and snacks to control mood and blood sugars
  • Apply my ABC’s of Eat Up The Good Life! ™
  • Recognize Inner Life and Outer Life influences
  • Master the Two Hungers
  • Have a personal Accountability System
  • Enjoy a Lavish Buffet of Self-Care Delicacies
  • Know what to do before you overeat or binge
  • Discover new solutions to life’s stressors
  • Boot those bad habits and implement positive changes
  • Discover a powerful new Mindset and Skill Set
  • Overcome Exercise Resistance and Replace it with Play
  • Implement 3 Essential Steps for daily success
  • Avoid cross addictions and fill the void with satisfaction
  • Root out the core problems for good
  • Receive fabulous tools for relaxing
  • Love your new relationship with food and eating
  • Love your body, accept yourself, love life
  • Personalized nationwide coaching available too
  • Also available: Medifast’s Take Shape for Life


To find out more or make an appointment, call 469-737-5455

Another good starting place is Alice’s book EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE! ™ You can order this on this website.