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By Alice Baland, “America’s Good Eating Expert!”™


  • Fighting the pounds
  • Overflowing your favorite clothes
  • Mindlessly eating
  • Emotionally eating
  • Sick of diets
  • Too tired to cook
  • Too busy to cook
  • Eat out at least three to 15 times a week
  • Don’t know HOW to cook healthy
  • Rarely eat together as a family
  • Want a fresh, permanent approach to weight control
  • Want to be and stay healthier for your family and friends
  • Ready for a positive change?

Is your cholesterol high, your blood pressure up, your energy down? You may be asking yourself “Where did those 15, 50, 100 lbs+ of extra weight come from? Where did the time go? How can I get UNSTUCK?”

You are NOT alone! Weight and eating problems are just a symptom of deeper concerns in our society. In fact, it’s a global problem . Over 67%, and growing, of Americans are overweight (greater than 10% of Ideal Body Weight or obese, which is 20% or more above your Ideal Body Weight).Or think of your weight when you graduated from high school or got married (if ideal).

More than one in four college women have an eating disorder. In fact, over 7 million Americans suffer from some type of disordered eating, such as: BINGE EATING, COMPULSIVE EATING, EMOTIONAL EATING, STRESS EATING, BULIMIA or OUT-OF-CONTROL EATING! Any number of triggers can set off these types of eating! Find out what they are, and what you can do, when you indulge in Alice’s expert teleseminar.

Are you ready to ditch the diets? Do you want some sensible, smart ideas to both reach your wise weight range AND enjoy some of your favorite foods? Then you’ve GOT to attend this FREE TELESEMINAR with Alice’s proven strategies for YOUR success!


You will discover:

  • How to achieve a healthy weight without diets, drugs or surgery
  • How to keep the weight off for good
  • How to separate fact from fiction
  • How advertising can sabotage your focus
  • Easy, effortless, immediate tools you can use right away
  • How to keep the weight off for good!
  •  How to Beat the Stress, the Blues, the Binge and Build a Better Body!

In addition, you’ll discover Alice’s 3D Proven Approach to Success:

  • You Desire It!
  • You Deserve It!
  • You’re Determined to Get It!

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  • I lost over 60 lbs with your program and gained many tools I can use forever. Andrea.
  • I’ve lost over 80 lbs so far and didn’t have to have bariatric surgery! My health is much improved and so is my energy! Norm
  • I’ve learned from you not to compare myself or my eating to anyone else, because what works for one person may be different for another. I like the way you showed me how to think in terms of my Inner Life and my Outer Life. Julia
  • A great thing I’ve learned from you is that it’s easy NOT to binge when I’m prepared and organized with the right foods, meals and snacks. You’ve also helped me with reassuring messages to override the negative ones I used to use. I’ve lost 50 lbs. since working with you and have a better body image and self-worth. Rachel
  • Your style is easy going and non-judgmental which allowed me to open up and have a trusting relationship with you and discuss confidential issues and challenges.” Suzanne
  • You showed me how to recognize that every time I eat when I’m not hungry, I’m using food not for nutrition, but as something else: a soother, a pain-killer, a remedy for fear, anxiety or boredom. Now I know what to do instead of overeat – and I am satisfied. Karen
  • Your meal plans and recipes have really saved the day! I now take most of my lunches and snacks to work and feel so in control. Kelly
  • When I’ve been overeating it affects my perspective on everything. I feel hopeless, angry, bitter, short-tempered, motivated. Now I’m doing what you taught me and my attitude is more hopeful, excited, energetic and able to accomplish more things and move on to the next step. My weight is where I want it to be too. Carol



  • Alice is like having a professional nutritionist, psychologist, coach and spiritual wise woman wrapped into one caring heart when you need a boost toward healthy habits. Francie White, MS, RD, Nutritionist, Director,
  • Alice offers soulful and practical ways to heal your spirit and feed your hungry body and soul. She has a depth of knowledge about emotional and physical health and is a good ambassador for healthy living. Linda Carmicle, PhD, LMFT, Plano, Texas
  • Alice shows you the steps to healthy eating that are pleasurable and guilt-free. She is an exceptionally skilled and nationally recognized dietitian and therapist who explains, teaches and coaches you to make those simple changes that can transform your health and your life. Caroline A. Wadlin, MD
  • I love Alice’s integration of inner and outer influences, her fresh creative tools, like the Earth Suit concept, the nutrition kit, fabulous food groups for easy meal planning, the swimming meditation and much more. Her upbeat and reassuring voice can empower you to great things! Randy Rolfe, Family Therapist and Author of You Can Postpone Anything but Love

Alice Baland is AMERICA’S GOOD EATING EXPERT! ™ She is a speaker, hypnotherapist, registered dietitian, licensed professional counselor, ADA’s  Nutrition Entrepreneur of the Year, and a disordered eating and weight management specialist. She is the author of EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE! ™ Savvy Skills for Pleasurable, Guilt-Free Eating & Living, CATCH YOUR DREAMS: Getting What You Want…Now! and soon to be released POSITIVE NUTRITION: The Girl’s GUIDE to Eating for Energy, Esteem & Excitement, and COOKING WITH WILD ABANDON! Both due out by 2012 and available for pre-order at soon.

Imagine how good your life can be with more confidence, self-worth, essential emotional, mind and relationship skills and inner peace. You can have all this and more when you register for Alice’s FREE TELESEMINAR.

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Format: TeleSeminar
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If you’re not able to make the call, register anyway and we’ll send you a recording of the call absolutely free.