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Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Eating DisordersEat Up The Good Life!

Alice Baland, “America’s Good Eating Expert ™” , is the author of EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE! ™ Savvy Skills for Pleasurable, Guilt-Free Eating & Living. Alice is a long-time entrepreneur, psychotherapist, dietitian, speaker and hypnotherapist and a leading authority on how to permanently overcome weight, eating concerns, life’s stressors, anxiety and body loathing.


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EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE! is the perfect antidote for our country’s toxic preoccupation with weight and diet prescriptions. It includes fresh, simple solutions for overcoming overeating and overweight, stress and anxiety so you or your loved ones can have more fun, energy, health and a better balanced life!

Designed for the 99% of Emotional, Stress, Compulsive, Binge and Mindless Eaters who are fed-up with diet and weight struggles, Alice shows readers how to stop using food, weight and eating as a distraction to living The Good Life – and how to fill the emotional void with a lavish buffet of delicacies for Body, Mind, and Spirit. Feed your Earth Suit the best fuel combinations to balance out your favorite fun foods – without guilt or deprivation! Find out how to do this in this book.

Imagine how GOOD your life can be with more confidence, self-worth, inner strength, and the right mindset, skill set and actions to really achieve the success you want. Discover what’s in the Nutrition Kit, how to satisfy the Two Hungers, be accountable, the two essentials to Curb Cravings, over 65 Savvy Skills and the ABC’s of How to Eat Up The Good Life!

This rich resource and guidebook is perfect for educators, clinicians, parents, students, normal eaters and YOU! This is the Right Way and the Right Time to transform your relationship with food, eating and yourself. EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE! puts a positive spin on eating, rather than vilifying food. How refreshing!




Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Eating DisordersCATCH YOUR DREAMS

CATCH YOUR DREAMS is the perfect playbook to inspire and help you achieve your dreams and highest potential. Three easy steps show you how to make this happen:

Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Eating Disorders


Please ask us about BULK QUANTITIES for 10 or more.
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1.) Release your potential
2.) Refine your vision
3.) Reap the rewards!

So that your Mind, Spirit and Body:

  • Convey Confidence
  • Vibrate with Energy
  • Gag the Guilt
  • Balance Your Best
  • Shine with Success

You’ll brainstorm with the 100 Dreams activity.

Later you will narrow your choices to seven categories to balance your life. You’ll visualize and refine these and choose your special one dream on which to focus.

All categories have plenty of space to write, journal, draw, create a collage, cut and paste visuals. Beautiful photographs in each section and fabulous quotes set the stage for releasing and implementing your dreams. Become and achieve what you most want in life!

CATCH YOUR DREAMS is not only beautiful, it’s your personal Dream Book. Color front and back covers with several color photos inside, you’ll love your CATCH YOUR DREAM book. It is spiral-bound for ease in laying flat and really losing yourself in your vision of the future. Margins on every page coordinate a beautiful photo from the section header to keep you on target and motivated.

Best of all, this is the place where you create Your Custom Path to Dreams Come True – Getting What You Want…Now!

[Should you desire a mentor, author Alice Baland is available as your personal coach and guide. A mentor is quicker].

About Alice

Alice Baland is a Speaker, Certified Medical & Analytical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered/ Licensed Dietitian, Entrepreneur and Adventurer. She has been interviewed by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC affiliates, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Dallas Morning News.

Alice is an expert in showing others how to achieve dreams and goals, overcome inner and outer barriers and fulfill their highest purpose in life. She is also the author of EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE! ™ Savvy Skills for Pleasurable, Guilt-Free Eating & Living. She speaks and coaches nationwide.

CATCH YOUR DREAMS makes an ideal gift for yourself, professionals, students, parents, dreamers, and anyone who yearns for more in life!

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Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Eating Disorders

Lose Weight with Hypnosis!


Quickly and easily transform your relationship with food and eating, while reducing anxiety and stress in just minutes a week! Invite positive messaging into your subconscious mind to restore your mental, emotional and physical health. Feel peace and relaxation, manage complex feelings of boredom, anger, loneliness and more. How? Enjoy the calming voice and wise messages of Alice Baland, combined with extraordinary music from composer Dr. Jack Waldenmaier in this excellent hypnosis download.

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