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Have you heard the song “Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy?” It’s one of my favorites and fits with my thoughts for the day about what to eat for breakfast in the summer.

Clients say these things to me:

“Alice, is breakfast really important? If so, what’s a good, quick breakfast I don’t have to cook?”

“I’m always hungry if I eat breakfast in the morning, so I don’t eat. But I’m starving by the afternoon, then binge on everything in sight. Any suggestions?”

YES! Breakfast is very important. It “breaks the fast” from the night before.
It puts fuel into your body’s fuel tank so you can move with energy, think with clarity and have stable moods. Who wants to be run-down, have foggy thinking or be irritable? No need!

Those who aren’t hungry in the morning often eat too much too late at night, or have night eating (a story for another time). Try to finish eating at least eight to 10 hours before you get up in the morning, then you’ll probably be hungry without starving. Then it’s best to know what you plan to eat for breakfast. A PLAN is essential for eating success.

A basic component of a good breakfast is one that includes 3 things: 1.) A balance of protein (eggs, deli turkey, whey protein powder, etc), carbohydrate (fresh fruit, whole grain, fat-free milk), and a little fat to keep you from getting too hungry too fast later (a few nuts, avocado slice, spoonful of almond butter, for example).

So here’s my yummy summer breakfast (see my photos on Facebook:

1. In a big bowl add 1/2 cup Silk Coconut Milk and blend in with a spoon 1 scoop (10 grams) of BioChem whey protein powder until smooth.
2. Add one cup of fresh blueberries (fiber, healthy fruit carbohydrate and
3. Top with 1/4 cup Back to Nature Granola with Chocolate from Whole Foods (whole grain oats and antioxidant chocolate with delicious flavor).
4. Sprinkle on about 1-2 Tbsp pecan pieces (a healthy fat).
5. Enjoy in YOUR garden, balcony or favorite outdoor place. Simple, easy and no cooking required!

The advantage of taking a few minutes to slowly chew and savor your breakfast and the sunshine, is that you’ll be better grounded and nourished to meet the demands of a busy, active day. You’ll be in better control of your eating.

This is one of my favorite summertime meals. Sometimes I’ll substitute fresh blackberries (the highest fiber fruit) or raspberries. So DO eat a good breakfast every day to get started on the right foot!

When you get hungry again in three to four hours, that’s a sign that you have a healthy appetite, that you’re burning calories, increasing your metabolism and get to eat again.

Be sure to be prepared with a mid-morning snack or lunch, such as 1-2 ounces of deli turkey on two slices of gluten-free bread (small size), or a corn tortilla, Miracle Whip light, a slice of butter lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes and perhaps a juice black plum, orange or kiwi fruit. Think COLOR.

At any rate, having a good BREAKFAST will help start your day with love and energy. You deserve to take a few minutes for yourself!

For more tips and savvy skills to enhance your relationship with food go to: Success Store and get the book by the same name.

‘You Are What & How You Eat: You are What You Read, Survey, please reply, Alice

You Are What You Eat!

You Are What You Read!

You Are What You Do!

Are you seeing a pattern here? I got this AH-HA from John Kremer’s e-newsletter today. Would enjoy having your comments on how you success in life!

1.  Let’s start with not only WHAT, but HOW you eat! Only 5 tips on what and 5 on how, OK? Here are mine: 5 ways I eat everyday: 1.) Breakfast or early snack no matter what or when; 2.) I enjoy eating mindfully and slowly, eating when I’m hungry, about 5 on the scale of 0-10 and stopping when I’m full 7 or 8 (see my book EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE) on how to do this; 3.) I eat BOTH what I really like AND what’s good for me 90% of the time; 4.) I continually create and try new food products and research them for nutrition and fun quality and how they’ll fit in my lifestyle nutrition plan; 5.) A main reason I enjoy eating so thoroughly is that I make physical activity a daily part of my life; that way I eat for fuel and without guilt. Here’s a BONUS: I choose only the best quality foods to eat and eat less of them, which is good for my body as my metabolism slows down as I get older. (We are all getting older from the day we’re born).

WHAT ARE MY 5 FAVORITE FOODS? Since it’s important to get a WIDE VARIETY of foods every day not only for good NUTRITION, but to help PREVENT FOOD ALLERGIES AND HEALTH (Digestive and Immune System problems, for example), I eat lots of different foods every day. We know that a “4 Day Rotation Diet” is best to help achieve this health goal. What that means to you is: Don’t eat the same food more than ONCE every 4 days! For example, don’t eat wheat at every meal (bread, bagels, buns, pasta, cereal, etc). You’re right! That’s a huge challenge to learn how to eat that way! I can help, since that’s what I’m doing.

OK, here are 5 of my favorite foods: BLACKBERRIES (the highest fiber fruit, filling, a good source of antioxidants), CHOCOLATE (only the finest DARK for me, including Chocolove’s Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Sea Salt, best after my morning workout); FISH (salmon in parchment paper with veggies; recipe will be in my upcoming COOKBOOK!); RED POTATOES (about the size of a small tennis ball; eaten as a bedtime snack with canola or olive oil and a dash of Kosher salt when I’m hungry, just want a small amount of food, a good source of Vitamin C, and want to sleep well); MICROSTEAMED BROCCOLI (super delicious and nutritious; also will be in my cookbook).

Please email back with YOUR top 5 favorite foods and 5 best ways to eat!


Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!